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heavy haulage,
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If it’s Over Size, Over Width
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We initially started with a Dozer, Excavator and Log Truck.
We have grown the business and taken on the challenge of diversifying,
as the market has demanded, over the past 15 years.


Clearing Fence Lines
Dam building, Cleaning out and Maintenance of Dams
Erosion works
Private Property Logging
Clearing with approved PVP
Shed site clearing
Felled Timber – pushing up
Road construction
Council works and Private works
Road maintenance
Stick raking
Savannah Ploughs – plough bedding (site prep) before planting trees

Heavy Haulage

“We have a number of low loaders, we can accommodate from the smallest to the extreme Heavy Haulage.”

Our synergized arrangement, of creative cooperation, with several companies throughout Australia allows us to combine our teamwork, open-mindedness, and the adventure of finding new solutions to each individual project.

Our Heavy Haulage services include concrete products, farm tractors, large machinery, large indivisible loads, large tyres, earthmoving and mining machinery, and timber products. We have a cooperative interaction amongst other professionals, that creates an enhanced combined effect, with you the customer, in mind.

Like minded people bringing all their own personal experience and expertise to the table, to collaborate a solution-with your individual job in mind.

This allows us to provide a complete Haulage product, including extra prime movers for push pull jobs, police escorts, pilot services and crane lifts, when required.

About Us

Since 2001, we offer private property farming solutions,
dam building and dam cleaning, stick raking and clearing fence lines, erosion work,
road maintenance and private property logging (Harvest and Haulage Solution).

our story

Marchant Bros Pty Ltd was established by Jason & Jamie Marchant in 2000.
Two brothers with a vision and passion of delivering professional, affordable and reliable services, with specialty machinery, whilst doing what we love the most!

Marchant Bros Pty Ltd has implemented all required OH&S policies and procedures to ensure safe practises are always followed, in the workplace.

All of our employees hold Tafe-Competent Statements of Attainments, White Cards and Work Cover Plant Operator Licenses.

Our machines are continuously assessed and maintained to the highest standards and are operated only by our own fully trained and qualified drivers, ensuring all work is delivered with the highest level of professionalism and safety.

Today we can offer a variety of Earthmoving, Excavation Services, Civil Construction, Heavy Haulage, General Freight-Flat Top, Shipping Container Haulage, Tipper works, Hay and Livestock Transport, Tree Falling, Logging and the supply of bulk firewood, using our own equipment and operators plus sub contractor’s and consultants.

Supplied a Harvester, Skidder, D7 Dozer and Excavator for the Clearing and Grubbing of the Pacific Highway for the RMS from Kempsey to Kundabung
Supplied firewood to Pilliga Timbers, Tamworth
Removed timber and battered edges of Oxley Highway for Walcha Council


Supplied a D7 Dozer to MPC for construction of the new railway line for Whitehaven’s Maule’s Creek Coal & Idemitsu’s Boggabri Coal.
Supplied a Harvester, Skidder, D7 Dozer, Grinder and Excavator for the Clearing and Grubbing of the Pacific Highway for the RMS Urunga Project


We strive to maintain the highest safety standards, so we may endeavour to meet our customer’s needs and deliver a seamless end product.

2012 / 2013

Provided logs for the Autumn 2013 -Tuff Mudder Sydney
Supplied a D7 Dozer for the Boggabri Coal Expansion Project
Provided a Harvest and Haulage solution to NSW Forests (We continue to sub contract the haulage)
Provided logs for the Tuff Mudder Sydney 2012 Obstacle Course
Provided the Namoi CMA with logs for rehabilitation to waterways in the Narrabri area


Provided a clearing solution for several mines, over a nine year period with our D7R Dozer

We have complied with the stringent mining safety requirements and have recorded no accidents

Marchant Bros has worked together with Betts Bower Haulage Group Pty Ltd since 2009, engaging in specialised, over dimensional freight relocation in the Hunter Valley mining region.

Their service provided is consistently precise, safe, reliable and welcoming. Their experience, skill, traditional values, and their personal approach to our needs gives an overall feel of confidence the task will be completed efficiently, with safety and customer satisfaction a priority.

Marchant Bros service is beneficial to us and our business relationship long-term.

Daniel Bower & Chris Betts (Betts Bower Haulage Group Pty Ltd)

Marchant Bros has the resources and ability to take on just about any job that requires earthmoving equipment or a transport solution. Over the years they have done a diverse range of jobs for me from moving machinery and livestock, carting equipment, clearing fence lines and roads.

In 2012, I was managing an outdoor obstacle race near Sydney that had 30,000 competitors over a weekend, we were let down by a supplier, so needed 2 semi-trailer loads of
logs to build obstacles in a hurry... I called the Marchant Bros and the logs arrived a few days later.

They come from a hard working local family who take pride in their work and nothing is ever a problem.

George Spring (AGI Corp Pty Ltd)


We are a proud private, family owned
and operated company, based at the south-eastern edge of
the Northern Tablelands, New South Wales, Australia.

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“Stress free for our clients and with 100% customer satisfaction.

Every job. Every time.

No matter how big, small or oversized the job may be. You can consistently rely on our team.”


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PO Box 139, Walcha NSW 2354

Ph. 02 6777 2024 | Fax 02 6777 2702

Heavy Haulage & Logging

Jason Marchant
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Jamie Marchant
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